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*The prices listed represent the web price and are exclusive of Sales Tax (ST) and local levies, but are inclusive of shipping & handling and customs & excise duties where applicable, unless otherwise stated. Take a look at our taxes and levies page for detailed information on tax rates and statutory forms.

Note:Certain statutory forms are required to be submitted for shipments to Assam (Form 24), Bihar & Jharkand (Form 28B), Uttar Pradesh & Uttaranchal (Form 32), Rajasthan (Form 18A), Haryana (form 38A), West Bengal (Way bill), Madhya Pradesh (form 75 for non personal use, form 86 for personal use

Please obtain the forms from the local sales tax authorities & send the filled out forms promptly to Rx Infotech Pvt. Limited at: hporiginals.com Sales Centre, Rx Infotech Pvt. Limited, Gurgaon Haryana to enable us to ship your order.

Select products on the Rx Infotech Pvt. Limited shop will carry a QuickShip icon. Products flagged as QuickShip will be shipped out within an estimated period of 5 working days of receipt of confirmed order and payment. In case of cheques the order will be processed only after realisation of funds. Non QuickShip products will have an estimated delivery lead time of 4-5 weeks after payment realisation. QuickShip Products that have been customised will have an estimated delivery lead time of 4-5 weeks after payment realisation.

Please note that inventory status may change before your order is final (following the receipt of any credit or payment authorisation) as other orders are processed. If so, we may suggest an alternate product.

Rx Infotech Pvt. Limited reserves the right to refuse to sell a product to any customer for any reason, or to limit the number of units of a particular product that a customer may buy at any one time. No binding contract for the sale of any product exists until Rx Infotech Pvt. Limited notifies the customer in writing that the order has been accepted.

Offers shown are subject to product availability and may be modified or withdrawn at any time.

Rx Infotech Pvt. Limited products are covered by the applicable Statement of Limited Warranty. Unless expressly noted otherwise by Rx Infotech Pvt. Limited, Rx Infotech Pvt. Limited provides all non-Rx Infotech Pvt. Limited products ordered by the customer on an AS IS basis without warranty or representations of any kind, and the customer needs to look exclusively to the third party manufacturer, not Rx Infotech Pvt. Limited, for technical assistance and warranty service.
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